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Trina, Sweden, 17y/o
I don't really get how i think and neither does others.
I paint, dance ballet and play the drums.
Purplehair and short.
Sherlock, Whovian, Potterhead
Tattoos, Marvel/Dc, band stuff & shit
Kik: Thazshrimp----------------------------




No, no, they’re happy. Really happy. John’s happy because he just married the person he loves - Mary - and Sherlock is even happier that his friend is so happy. It’s sort of a solemn joy.

Their denial at its finest

The fact that this photograph even exists! Who looks like this on their wedding day? If it is not John and Sherlock but Benedict and Martin, then the fact that this photo was released! You do not preview a show about a happy wedding ceremony with this shot. This shot says mistake, regret, hurt, broken hearted. It doesn’t even say confusion or oscillation, it comes right out and slaps the eye with two men feeling devastation.